Glenn Smith is now writing in the 3rd person and would just like to state for the record that it feels weird. Through the stage name Glenn Doom, not because I like Glenn Danzig, but because it rolls off the tongue nicely, and it reflects how dour I can be sometimes.

Currently I play bass in Quiet, am starting out on lead guitar in Rachelle DeBelle and the Jamfest Miracles, and my solo project, Freeze, it moving right along. Working on a second album now. Voices is my most recent release.

I played in Green Lake Rocks for a private party last September where a bunch of parents from my kids’ school got together and played covers for a packed house at a private party. That was tha shiz. Made so many great contacts thru that band.

My blog just got fixed so I’m going to be trying to edit this website more often. We’ll see if that sticks.

I was born in California, raised in Michigan, and socialized in Seattle, where I reside today with my wife and kids.

-Glenn, 17.11.19