Hi, I’m Glenn. I’m a journalist, writer, blogger, community & PR freelancer, website builder, player in bands, songwriter, composer, and recording engineer.

I set this site up originally to feature my oldest recordings. Thusly, the music page houses my oldest material—no house music—my super eager acoustic first series of songs, recorded in 2002, Ann Arbor. I even typed out all the lyrics. Ugh, right? Prepare to cringe. A 20yo writing loud acoustic songs. Kill me now. But listen, plz, bear with me

Hevvy Time Records is my recording studio. I record lots of stuff—band practices, theater rehearsals, people talking, live sound, and miscellaneous sound captures. I’ve done two podcast episodes available on my Soundcloud page, as well as a mock radio news piece that my wife and I wrote and performed.

I’m responsible for all sounds and most of the social media involving I May Have Seen the Devil, a stage production of Hamlet. Think ambient metal soundtrack. It was my first foray into composing for live theater, and it went well. The social media part—it was a learning experience.

My main band is Freeze. It was a duo, then a trio, then a duo again, and now it’s a singo.

In late 2015 and early 2016, nadamucho head honcho Matt Ashworth—very, very cool guy—took me on as a PR volunteer. He’s a PR pro by day at Porter Novelli, and we wrapped up a 3-month campaign for The Spider Ferns’ EP release show at Chop Suey. Currently I’m advising Matt on how he narrows down the list of bands for nada’s upcoming follow-up festival to last year’s #41for2015.

In early 2015, I wrapped up an event with Startup Weekend as a PR volunteer. It was the first ever health-focused SW, with a biomed/biotech emphasis. Here’s the Twitter page. I ran live sound, coordinated attendees and donors, some administrative tasks, helped cater and manage food, and live-Tweeted the event.

And now enjoy this humorously terrible resume I’ve created, glossing over my entire life, where I’ve been, and what I’ve done.

“I’ve Been All Over, Man: A Truncated, Lifelong Work Bio (You’re Going to Hate This Resume)”

Born in CA, raised in MI, settled in WA.

Pre-High School Graduation, late 1990s

Culinary: Manistee Golf and Country Club, Lighthouse Brewing Co, Arcadia Bluffs.

Bands: 5 Friends, Raine.

Graduated high school in 2000, determined to be honest, reading Camus and Rand, left home to pursue rock dream.

Philadelphia to Ann Arbor, 2000 – 2004

Staging, Lighting, and Sound: Zeo Brothers Productions (Hatboro, PA): summers 2000 & 2001

I lived in Ann Arbor, closer to my parents, after that first summer. Aunt & uncle housed me for two months. Then I moved into Minnie’s, a house among those comprising the Inter-Cooperative Council of the University of Michigan, for 3 years. Went back to Philly the next summer, couldn’t wait to come back to Ann Arbor.

School: Washtenaw Community College—music emphasis, English major

Culinary: Afternoon Delight, Merchant of Vino, Whole Foods, Ciacio’s, Bello Vino.

Bands: Minor, Washtenaw Community College Jazz Band, Porkfist

Started dating Megan just before moving into the worst apartment in Ann Arbor for final year there. Her and I moved to Seattle together in 2004.

Seattle – p1, 2004 – 2008

Bands: The People Now

Culinary: Safeway, Atlas Foods (University Village), Pies and Pints

School: Seattle Central Community College, journalism major, political science minor

Journalism: The City Collegian (student newspaper): news reporter, lead reporter, music review columnist, A&E section editor, lead copy editor, distribution manager.

Social Media: MySpace (3 separate music profiles, 1 personal), Facebook

Blogging: MySpace blog (personal)

Pre-Dadhood, 1st University: The Bellingham Year, 2008

School: Western Washington University, journalism major, political science minor

Journalism: The Western Front (student newspaper): news reporter, opinion-editorial columnist.

Finished my junior year at Western, had first kid, put college on hold. Moved back to Seattle. Went back to cooking weekend nights. Had my second kid. Got accepted into UW. Back to student life.

Seattle, p2—Dadhood, 2nd University, Graduation: 2009 – present

Culinary: Pies and Pints, Sundance Cinemas

Blogging: Retaining Metalhood Thru Dadhood, Sound Review, TVTitillation News House Productions.

Web Development: Hevvy Time Records (see this site).

School: University of Washington: communications major, political science minor. Graduated Spring 2013, BA.

Social Media: I May Have Seen the Devil, Seattle WAVE Radio, Ixion, Bukkake Bloodbath, Freeze. Personal: Twitter, Instagram, Ello, Vine, Pinterest.

Public Relations: Mpact, PR assistant. Six PR workshops via The LAGRANT Foundation.

—Glenn Smith, 15.02.09, 11:56:34 a.m.

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