Black Melodic Titanic Medieval demo

This is a cut-up version of a jam I made sweet whoopy to a few days ago. When you hear dueling guitars, that’s just two of me, playing the exact same guitar, with the exact same settings.

I call it “Black Melodic Titanic Medieval,” and I put the word ‘Titanic’ in there not as a description of the sunken barge, but as the description of something very large. The namer of the sunken barge no doubt had the same intentions.

3/4 time, drop-D tuning, 112 bpm. Recorded 12.04.22, between 2 and 4 p.m., in my basement studio. Peavey guitar, Fender solid state 400W head, Behringer half-stack. Concrete floors and really hard, reflective walls.

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