Guitar experiment

This track is two of me playing standalone improvisations, at different times and with the same guitar, patched together. Somehow I think I made it sound pretty cool.

The end result is a trip through a sort of dream–you don’t have tightly interlocking parts, you don’t have typical rhythms and leads. The lack of drums adds to the airiness. Both guitars have the same delay setting.

I played the rhythm track first. Just improvised as I was going. Kept the mistakes. Managed to work with them during the playing, even. You know you’ve got a good song going when even the small slip-ups manage to add color to your piece.

In the middle I just got atonal and weird, but I came back from it nicely. When I switched on the distortion, I realized it was too loud. So I ended it there. You can tell where the rhythm guitar adds distortion–it’s right at the end, where it gets loud and rockin, and you want it to continue, but instead it just dies off. I like that. Slint did that very well with the song “Washer.”

After I was done with that, I figured I could record a lead guitar line without listening to the rhythm, but just freely. The delay setting was a sort of metronome, and it worked beautifully when I lined the two up.

As always, I have criticisms. My biggest is that the lead guitar plays a little too long at the end.

The lead guitar is also a little droll and monotonous near the middle. I should probably make it build more–start slow and then become faster and faster, then make noise… then do it all over again, but quicker. Then end it.

That, or I just say it’s fine, call it Paradox Nation, as I say near the very end of the recording after the guitars have all died down, ¬†consider it a well-executed experiment with both successful and unsuccessful results, and place it tenderly on a shelf of the bookcase that is my website.

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