Happy New Year 2O14!

2O13 was a year of a few important firsts for myself, and I’m feeling good. It is almost with a hevvy heart that I feel the year’s passing—but since I’m logical, and that years are collections of time to record Earth’s revolutions around its star, the true reasons behind which lie unsolved, my perspective inverses.

Last year was nothing. All those goals 2O13 saw were small time. Now it’s time to get your game in the head and make some real shiz happen. Namely: it’s time to find that niche, man. It’s time to make that paper. It’s time to find where I fit professionally in American culture. It’s time to start paying off those student loans, and live in at least semi-comfort, and be a better provider for my wife and daughters.

First 1 √ 2013 saw me graduate from the University of Washington with a BA, something I had been working towards for 13 years. That’s not an exaggeration. When I started at my first community college, it was in September of 2000, the fall after my spring high school graduation. Now, thirteen years later, I’ve been to two of those, and two universities.

So what do I do now? With my shiny new communication degree, I’m trying to find PR work here in Seattle. Hopefully 2O14 can be the year I find my first PR gig, and to make it a strong possibility, I’ve already got the ball rolling. I’ve got a few informational interviews coming up. Now that I think about it,

First 2 √ 2O13 was the year of my first informational interview, with Aaron Blank, CEO of The Fearey Group. It went really well. He gave me concrete advice to get me started. Utilizing said advice got me those interviews.

Part and parcel of finding work in PR, I’ve since learned, is to become a social media wizard. Learn it. Get inside it. Familiarize yrself with the ins and outs of its circuits. And market yourself online. So, since I just happen to have this snazzy site here, I’ve been paying more attention to it, trying to stay on top of maintenance better than I have been for the past few years. The first step? Shorten up that About page! Cheeze and rice, what was I thinking?

First 3 √ 2013 saw Andrew and I finish our first official demo for Freeze. Here it is, via Bandcamp. We’re really proud of this one. Recorded with a session drummer who worked for free, we did this one all analogue, pvre kvlt black metal. The only trace of anything digital is the bouncing of tracks from analogue tape masters to .wav files. You can hear the tape hiss in there, it’s beavtifvl.

Now, I’m gonna get hevvy on you. Time for some bad news.

2013 also saw my father suffer his first cancerous tumor. Because he caught the signs and sought treatment early enough, all traces of it were removed. But it scared the piss out of me, and it made me think that moving back to Michigan, the area my family’s from, is the next logical step. My girls need to know their family back in the midwest.

So, since Michigan’s got its fair share of troubles economically and socially, and since Megan and I moved out of there for those reasons (and to just see more of the world together), we’re thinking, ‘How can we minimize the impact of moving back?’ Answer: I get my career rolling here, and get some real working PR experience. Around the same time, I take a vacation to Michigan and scout out potential places to live and work.

Importantly, we must decide on a city. Grand Rapids, it so happens, is almost equidistant between Megan’s family and mine, is the biggest city in Michigan lately, and is the most likely place to be able to find work. Start big, why not?

I heard a story on NPR yesterday that reminded me that Flint and Detroit sport the almost-highest and highest, respectfully, rates of gun violence.

Uuuuhhh, can I keep my family far the fuck away from there, please? Criminy, why does my family never move out of that area, they’re embedded there and they’re sucking me back in. There must be a reason. I think it’s the woods. And the drastic variation in seasons. I miss snow. I miss camping. I miss riding my bike on weird two-tracks and trails and strange dirt roads in the woods. I miss isolation, and true silence. You don’t get that here in the city.

I had my whole childhood and high school experience there. I suppose it’s embedded in me, too.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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