Hevvy Time Podcast ep02: Tim Karman



Tim Karman is the drummer for The People Now. We had a great conversation in his home recording and rehearsal studio, early July 2015. We’re old friends, as I used to be in his band in 2004. We talked about his work with Service Solutions AV, delivering pizza, grunge music, Alice In Chains, his own band’s unique third-party connections with AIC, lessons he’s learned in audio and in previous incarnations of his studio, and how The People Now have been doing these past 10 years.

I also asked him if he likes long walks on the beach. Listen for his soothing [whoosh] sounds.

This one’s for audio geeks, 90s kids, and lovers of purpose-driven rock.

TPN does a song called “Steal the Black Bread,” inspired by events covered in the documentary Sweet Crude. He mentions this during the interview.

Here’s a link to Neural Surround, which Tim also mentions during the interview.

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