I’m sorta feeling like a recording engineer here

Yesterday a friend came over to my place, was totally cool around my family, and we recorded some music together in my basement.

First we started with a bass track he had been wanting to lay down for one of his own songs. He had the guitars and drums recorded, but he doesn’t have a bass buitar.

Holy crap, that typo is the most awesome typo I’ve ever made.

Then I recorded us both playing through my amp, while he taught me one of his songs. It’s 15 minutes of jamming, stopping, jamming, and stopping.

Lastly, I laid down a guitar track for a song I’d been writing, and then deleted out of ignorance of file saving and transferring protocol.

All in about two hours.

Wanna know how I met him? And what his name is?


The last time I was at Best Buy, it was a solo mission–I wanted to buy a power strip for my new recording studio setup in the basement of the house we live in. …aaaaaand I wanted to go into the music room and putz around and look at video games.

When I ventured over to the guitars, Mark was there playing. Sitting on a stool, hoodie and hat on. I was walking back and forth, looking up at the giant wall of guitars, thinking about using the library-style ladder on a track to stage a musical in front of said wall, and also studying which brands they carried and prices and the look of all those axes, and WHICH ONE OF THEM would suit me best.

As I was perusing, I noticed Mark was playing some awesome riffs. I asked him what it was he was playing, and he said he wrote it, and I told him it was badass. He handed me the guitar he was playing–some flying v model. It was pretty cool–lightweight as hell.

Then he put that one back and took down this $560 Schecter guitar, a thick, strat-type model, but bigger, sharper, and made for metal. The thing fucking roared in my hands–even thru the small practice amp the store allots for mooches like Mark and I to play thru.

Anyway, it was a good experience. I told Mark about how I had just broken up with my black metal band, and how I needed to engage in some sort of metal musical project again, but it couldn’t take the form of a serious band because my time is really constrained these days.

He said he was down for a recording project, and I liked that idea. We kind of left it open to interpretation, and exchanged contact info.

Well, yesterday we interpreted away, and the results were cool.

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