It just occurred to me …

… that I could be doing live recording again. I still only have one solid mic, but I have a laptop that, for better or worse, gets me long-form recordings without latency.

See, that was my whole problem, outlined in the previous post: latency during digital recording. It happens when your computer can’t accommodate the processing power / space (I’m improvising here) that running your programs requires. In my case, I was using my old Windows laptop, my Line 6 UX2 digital preamp (which is phantom-powered thru USB, taking additional precious processing power from the computer), and Audacity for recording software.

My realization is that, since that last post, I’ve both inherited a used, recording-capable MacBook, but that I’ve been using it to record, with my Line 6 preamp and Audacity, for the past few months with my new band Freeze. My plea for drummers to join Freeze is what occupies the front page of this website. I’m going to update that after I finish writing this. Oh, but let’s finish the thought. What I realized is not that I’m using a computer to record—I mean, that’s obvious: I’M THE ONE WHO’S BEEN DOING IT, OF COURSE I’D REALIZE IT—but that –

I can do live recording again, latency-free.


Oh yeah, I just graduated and didn’t have time before.

I love all of you. I’m not crazy.

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