Life Update: Two new bands: Quiet, Green Lake Rocks

Man, isn’t life a blur. Got my blog page fixed–was broken for a long time. I still pay for this site, why not actually make it good now? It’s been languishing in despair for so long.

Just finished watching The Great British Baking Show. That’s a good one, that. Loved it the whole way thru–all that they have on Netflix anyway.

Quiet, a band fronted by one Æon Corvidæ–sister to a longtime friend of mine–has taken me on as bassist. My 5-string Ibanez is being put to good use. Its active pickups really push the amps and speakers! I have the bass EQ knob up to about 6, and it’s totally enough. Hint: turn the mids down on a bass.

Quiet’s been getting shows, which is different than any other band I’ve been in. Ha! And it’s not metal. The genre had been filling my life, and stepping away from it in Quiet has been refreshing. The band members are really cool too–there’s been a lot of turnover in the band lately, and I think I’m bolstering Æon’s and Avtar’s confidence by sticking around. They’re the couple-duo-writers-of-songs. Avtar’s an Agent Cooper-looking guy, really shy, great songwriter, and has a good personality. Joe’s a great lead guitar player, adding emphasis and subtlety where it’s needed, and rocking out and soloing when it’s time to release. And these songs are deceptively complex. There’s room in each one to be subdued, hold back, and then get really loud and heavy, without being metal. It’s kind of an emo sound.

See, at first I joined the band to just fill in for five shows they had booked. I just ended up having such a good time that I stuck around!

Second new project: Green Lake Rocks. This is so cool. A really interesting band to be a part of. Comprised fully of parents of kids attending Green Lake Elementary School, Green Lake Rocks is a 10-years-running institution, lead mostly by Doug Hungarter. Get this — we play one show per year. It’s a private party, and tickets are sold at the auction the school puts on annually.

Green Lake Elementary’s yearly auctions are, by far, the school’s biggest fundraiser. It’s a big deal. Announcement: this year I’m going to emcee the auction. I’m so dang excited. But anyway, we get a built-in crowd for the show every year, as there are plenty of moms and dads at the auctions who buy tickets to our shows, and who also give very generously to the school and other charities and organizations. Each of our shows is essentially a fundraiser.

Okay time to live life now, kthbai yolo don’t speed in traffic

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