New drummer jam, studio construction update

Tonight, a drummer friend is coming over and we’re gonna hella jam.


I heard him play the drums, and was really impressed with his style: hardcore-trained, metal-converted.

What we have in mind is to start a pretty laid-back project–no touring or shows for the time being. Just nice and easy, taking it slow, practicing here and there, recording our songs and jams.

Oh snap, I’m hella gonna record our jam tonight.

Oh snap! You guys, you should see the blankets! I hung them up in the studio downstairs last night.

It took me two hours to get the job done. First came clearing the room, then sweeping, more sweeping, dusting, taking carpets outside to beat the dust out, bringing in a big fan to air the place out, drinking beer and smoking, hanging the blankets with hammer and nails (thank god landlord wasn’t home above — hammers are loud!), and then moving the equipment back in.

Maybe it was three hours.

I haven’t gotten a chance to get really loud down there yet, so I can’t tell the sound difference completely. Had to get back upstairs and give my kids a bath. But after it was done, I snapped my fingers a few times, and the sound blissfully quit sounding right away. The echo reduction was palpable.

I felt like a construction-audio master. Even though it’s a bit of a shoddy job, and even though the walls are only a little more than half-covered, it’s really cool. The blankets color the walls and make the space homely and even seemingly livable.

Only problem is the hard fucking concrete floor. Is that gonna make sound echo? I’m not sure how much floor carpeting helps deaden sound. Probably a lot.

Remind me to tell y’all next time about the two phone call responses I’ve gotten to my ad in The Stranger. One guy was a fucking troll, and the next guy I haven’t talked to yet, but we’ve been texting today.

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