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Last night, I met a couple of guys I’d never met before, and had a surprisingly fun metal jam.

David and Alex are members of Bukakke Bloodbath, a Seattle band that’s been around for I think four years.

They practice in Crybaby Studios, an underground rehearsal space with lots of band rooms with 24/7 access. When I was in The People Now, we rented a room down there. Back then, BB was a new band, just starting out. They rented a room just across the hall from us, and often we’d hear them practicing.

I didn’t like them then. Then TPN kicked me out for being too badass and I hadn’t heard hide nor hair from BB since.

So when David, their guitarist and recording engineer, called me about a week ago, responding to my ad in The Stranger, I was pleasantly surprised. It was like a blast from the past. I’d never met him before, but I felt familiar with him.

David told me that he liked my ad, and that he agrees there isn’t enough metal in Seattle. We agreed to get together and just kinda talk and network and see what happens.

When I asked David on the phone whether he’s interested in starting a side project or not, he wasn’t exactly committal. So, driving to the Hill, I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Now that I think about it, David was probably purposely keeping this open and not nailed down, in case I was some flaky kid.

As soon as I met him and Alex, my mind was put at ease. They’re both cool, friendly guys. Non-judgmental and mature, in their early forties with full-time jobs.

David manages a warehouse that sells huge slabs of marble, and Alex is a nursing student with a 10-year-old kid. Both time-intensive jobs to be sure. Add BB to that and you have two dudes with full lives.

Javier, their bass player, had a truck malfunction that day, and couldn’t make it. David was initially disappointed. Before I showed up, he told me bring a demo cd, and not my guitar. I did the opposite, which turned out to be very beneficial and made for a fun few hours of raucous metal noisemaking.

We first walked to QFC and got some beers, talking and getting to know one another. David and I both told each other that we were worried the other would some young kid with more bark than bite. It was a good talk. Alex was relieved to know I have kids. Dads like to be around other dads–it’s a fact.

Brews in tow, we went back to their space and started jamming. They showed me a few songs they’d been working on, which I took to like a fish to water.

David’s gonna have to work a little bit to be able to play my songs, however. My riffs are crazy and weird. I wasn’t going very slow to explain them to him, though. I was nervous, I think. And I didn’t know if it was worth it–I could have shown him and Alex more of my material, but if they don’t want to make a solid project out of it, why bother?

I’m still waiting to hear back from them on whether they want to have another jam or not. However, I am going to help them publish their newer songs online. I like these guys too much not to be involved with them in some professional capacity.

Alex is, by far, the best metal drummer I’ve ever worked with. His bass drum is heavy as fuck and he plays a blast beat really cleanly. I really hope we can get something together and jam more often. He totally has the chops to play my tunes.

David is a talented metal guitarist. He’s got this old school thrash style that sounds awesome. He also plays a Dean flying-v model guitar. All black. Wicked. He was dressed in all black clothes, too, and there I was with these blue jeans and a bright lime-green, knock-off Power Puff Girls shirt.

My sound is a lot more metal than my look, apparently–at least on that day. But I think it worked to my advantage–I didn’t look like I was married to metal, but I sounded like it. An important difference.

So I have to wrap this up, but I’ll post some BB songs on here before too long. I’ve even got the okay from the band to do so.

But right now I’m home with the kids, and tonight I have my second-to-last class of the quarter, before I take summer off. Shit’s gettin real right now. I have two papers to finish tonight before 7, and a final Spanish quiz to study for tomorrow.

Oh yeah, and this neighbor needs help moving a trailer at 5…….. and this, and that, and teh other thing……….

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