Slicing Snakes – rhythm guitar, bass

This is a song I wrote roughly four… or five years ago, and it’s sounding awesome. My new guitar and bass sound really cool together.

There are some fuckups here and there, continuity-wise with the two instruments lining up. With drums, they could be lessened (read: attention could be distracted from them).

Also, listening to this track thru headphones for the first time, just tonight, I realize that the bass is mixed too high.

Next on the itinerary: lead guitar track. I was practicing it today. It should be bangin’. After that it’s programming drums (unless some nice drummer wants to record a drum track for me? eeeh? eeeeeH? didn’t think so. Is that a good way of asking?), then writing and recording vocals.

Whatever the vocals do on this song, I’ve got NO IDEA.

My boy Doug E. Fresh was watching me record the bass line and edit it yesterday, and for some reason, having him in the room made me go faster. I dunno. Having a watchful eye on me makes me perform. I guess.

Anyway, he offered to be my apprentice. My first offer ever. I’m charmed.

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