Smith, interpreting De Leo

This is a recording of me, playing just yesterday, to a metronome set at 180bpm, in my basement studio room before school and after the childcare. The song is by Mark, my new metal friend and collaborator. I’m taking what he wrote, three or four riffs, adding my own, and making a … longer song out of it.

The parts where I get really heavy, and cease to conform to the time signature, are obviously times when I’m messing around. But I want to take some portion of that heavy madness and make some sweet djent, Meshuggah-slave riff.

I like this one. Mark really wrote a good song here. Fucking badass scale patterns. At the end of the day, it’s going to have to speed up. But I had a good time taking it easy here, playing it correctly and almost meditatively.

Slow and correct is always better than fast and shitty. Learn it slow first, musicians. Speed up gradually. You’ll sound better.

You can hear, near the end of the long string of scales, my fingers getting tired. I thought I might have to stop and rest, but instead I just stopped pushing down so hard with my left hand, and stopped picking so hard against the strings with my right. The result is a more subdued sound, but at least I didn’t have to stop, and I stayed with the metronome.

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