Steradian, live at The Comet

Recorded live at The Comet Tavern in Seattle, 12.08.21., just after Clouds Over Moscow’s set.

Heavily mathrock-influenced local Seattle trio.

Recorded off the board–two mics pointed towards the stage from the soundboard. You get a room sound, and the feel of being at the actual show. Only problem is the sound kind of sucks–it’s vibrating where it shouldn’t be. I can hear the computer clutching to keep up with the recording process.

It’s not a great sound mix, either. Mids seem to dominate, which isn’t bad, but there’s not enough low end. Lowering one or both mics might work.

It’s kind of a wake-up call, a reality check for me–before I go out recording bands, I need to make sure my equipment runs well first, and then get a better mix before recording.

Horse before the cart, and all that.

Hear some better versions of Steradian material here, at their bandcamp page.

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