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Today I updated my About page and made it into a sort of abbreviated, life-long work resume, devoid of times and containing brief explanatory grafs. I’ll post it here too. I’m in the process of making this site look more like an online portfolio, in an effort to apply to The Fearey Group.

I admire the people there, especially their CEO.

Yes, I am putting lots of eggs into one basket. I’m obsessed. I don’t care. I can handle the rejection. I’m not stopping with this one application, mind you. You have to set your sights on something sometimes, and go for it with gusto. Whipping out application after application, each consisting of but a resume and CL, has landed me 0 jobs.

This blog post by said CEO clued me in to a possible reason for that. You have to treat each application like an assignment for a college class—new resume, cover letter, portfolio, a creative way to send it. Going beyond the usual coursework, it’s essential to network, network, network. It’s all part of a whole package.

This forces you to spend a week or two preparing all your work, fine-tuning the pieces, compiling them into an impressive whole. If you do all the work, plus the networking, you’re almost guaranteed an interview. And when that happens, follow up, every time. Show them you’re interested.

I’m gonna get out there and go get ’em!

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